Summer 2009 TBA Ogallala, Nebraska, USA


Campgrounds (for Hotels & Motels, click here)

There are several campgrounds in the area. There is a large boondocking area across the small lake near the show site, if you are self contained. We will supply water & sewer service by truck over there for a price. You are welcome to book a site in the main campground for July 7,8 & 9th. Other than that, the 2 closest State Parks are Lone Eagle and Little Thunder. Little Thunder is closer, Lone Eagle is nicer

There are also 2 private campgrounds on the North Shore, fairly close. These are Admirals Cove & Northshore Lodge. There are also several other campsites scattered around Lake McConaughy and you can also camp on the beach on Lake McConaughy next to the dam about a 2 minute drive to the Show Site. There is plenty of parking at the show site for the show itself.

Cedar Vue (all first come first serve, I think)

Lake Ogallala (Show Site - booked up July 10-14)

Little Thunder

Lone Eagle - Booking Link for Lone Eagle & Little Thunder.

Cottonwood Grove  (308) 284-2282 - Best next Option (They will likely give you transport to & from the show)

Vans Lake View

Eagle Canyon Camp

Admirals Cove Resort

Northshore Lodge

The Beachhouse

Kingsley Lodge (800) 883-2775

Meyer Camper Court (308) 284-2415

Corral Camp (308) 284-4327

Gold Dust Campground (308) 284-3171





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