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Attending the Rally as well (July 8,9,10)? We hope so, if so you need to let us know, Click the "Green" button at the bottom of this page. We are planning things like Golf Tournaments. If you need assistance with campsites for those days, please let Rex Willett know. (Contact link on above bar)

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In order to exhibit, you must sponsor a corporate representative as a NATCOA Member to represent your company. This is only a requirement of major exhibitors, not smaller booth exhibitors. This costs $375 a year for TC manufacturers and $264 a year for Dealers & Suppliers. Memberships run from Feb. 1st to Feb. 1st. This individual is the only influence you exercise within the club, and they have the same rights as any other individual member. If you are not already a member, we will give you the time up until Feb. 1st, free. As a corporate supporter, you receive free advertising in the banner rotations you see above, on this web site, the main NATCOA Site & our forums. We encourage all manufacturers to get involved in our forums, as many already have. You will be given moderator permissions over your section. This can be both a powerful marketing tool & a way to connect with your end users. We have plans to offer manufacturers, focus groups of consumers who will assist them in improving their product & making it more user friendly should they so wish. To NATCOA, your competitor is not the other TC manufacturer, it is the rest of the RV industry. We intend to raise the profile of the TC as the RV of choice and that will be to the benefit of everyone.

Since we are non-profit, we have no monetary motivation to favor one manufacturer over another. I might add that we have no intention of becoming the Better Business Bureau of the Truck Camper industry.

Advertising for this show will be done through this web site and publications like Trailer Life magazine. People with all RV types, or no RV, will be invited to come to a Truck Camper Only oriented Show. What better way to present your product than at a show where people are primarily interested in Truck Campers. This is a very very different type of show and most manufacturers at the first one were very happy with the outcome. It is conducted in a much more social atmosphere than most RV Shows. You never know, this may be the start of a trend. We urge the owners of the companies involved, to attend in person if possible. You may use nearby dealers to supply product.

Get close to your consumers and camp along with them, in a relaxed setting.

A pay pal link may be found at the bottom of the page or.........

Checks or money orders should be made out to NATCOA & mailed to our accountant,

Dan Quinn

6N Park Street,

Wilmington, IL 60481.

Please make out separate checks for any sponsored NATCOA membership and exhibitor fees. The Club and the Show share the same initials, so make either check out to NATCOA. Just indicate on the check what it is for so we can ensure it goes into the correct account.

Paul Beddows, NATCOA (the Club) President

The Show of Shows…. A statement from Rex Willett, Show Committee Chairman.

What is New for 2007 show??  Dealer attendance!!!!

Last year was a learning experience. For a first time event, overall it was a success. Many mistakes were made that will be corrected, and the show looks to be much larger in size and attendance.

In talking with all the exhibitors, it looks as everyone is returning in full force. Many companies that showed two units last year are planning on showing six units this year. The buzz has already begun in anticipation for next year.

The State of Nebraska has committed the whole RV Park to this event for 2007. There will even be an additional 30 campsites powered for this event in the main campground. The primitive golf course area across the lake has also been dedicated to the show to place an additional 50 campers also generator powered. Pontoon shuttle service will be given to camper shoppers across the lake to the main show site. Reservations can be made online for Little Thunder and Lone Eagle Campsites, which filled quickly last year. If you are camping at the main show site please check the box so you can reserve a campsite for your personal unit away from the exhibitor spaces. Spaces will be reserved and confirmed back to you before January 1st 2007.

The BBQ of 2006 was a disaster. For 2007 there will be a BBQ available every day during each afternoon and evening with a large scale BBQ for Saturday night. Live music will be enjoyed on both Friday and Saturday night.

There will be a separate tent area for manufacturer’s and Supplier’s to enjoy a private area during the show, and on Wednesday night prior to the show a little get together with food and drink supplied for all of us to get together and visit and enjoy each others company.
Name tags will be issued to all people working the show, and a separate form is included to send back with your check to confirm your space. If you would like the same space as many manufacturers commented they would, please make a notation or send me an e-mail requesting the same site or placement of another. I will try to accommodate everyone’s wishes within the realm of making everything work.

There will be a breakfast served each morning of the show. A separate tent for food services will be placed so we have the room to feed many people.

The advertising budget has tripled for 2007. Last year there were three ads placed in Trailer Life. This year Natcoa is advertising in the inaugural Outdoor Channel Magazine. There will be six months of advertising in Trailer Life, Three issues of Camping Life Magazine, and three months in RV Trade Digest. The major emphasis for 2007 is DEALER ATTENDANCE!

Dealer address lists and email addresses are being accumulated now to invite dealers multiple times across the country to attend this event. Make sure you bring your latest and greatest units to attract writing up new accounts.

Many other exciting improvements and plans are in the works. We do not have much time to arrange the advertising so please do not delay in sending in your show space contract.
The 2007 Natcoa Truck Camper Show and Rally will be the BEST Truck Camper Show of all times! The Show of Shows!!

We look forward to seeing you there and mutually experiencing success in a camping atmosphere!

Please direct all enquiries to


Rex Willett, NATCOA Show Committee Chairman.


Smaller Exhibitors - Booths

The rate for this is $800. For industry suppliers it is $1500. Please contact if you are not sure which category you fall under.


2007 NATCOA Rally & Show Information & Rules

Download MS Word file HERE

Each company is required to move their own units onto and off their show site. There is a gated area on the South side of the last camping loop where trucks and trailers can be stored before, during, and after the show. We can have some volunteers with Pickups available to move your units from the unloading area to your exhibit site.

Alcohol is not permitted in Nebraska State Parks. If you want to have a beer or drink, please do so in a glass and be discrete about it. People who have too much to drink will be reprimanded. People who have open containers visible will be ticketed by the Nebraska Games and Park Rangers.

Security will be provided by Natcoa. Every effort will be made to keep your units secured. Natcoa will not be held responsible for any damage or break ins that could occur. Every precaution will be taken to avoid any problems, and the Nebraska Park Rangers will assist in this matter.

Satellite music again will be broadcast thru-out the park for ambience. You can play music in your units, but only at a volume that does not disrupt or interfere with the show music or Natcoa announcements. Announcements will be more controlled and on a timely manner not to interfere with conversations in displays when you are working with a customer.

You must have your Natcoa yearly dues paid to be able to exhibit. Your dues helps support the club, gives you access to moderate your product line, and also gains you a rotating banner ad for the year. This is done via sponsoring an individual in your company as a NATCOA member.

A company will be hired to bring in potable water and suck black tanks out for campers on a daily basis.

A schedule for seminars will be sent out for manufacturer’s who are interested in having a captive audience for their units at a set time. This will allow you to pitch new or exclusive features on your campers. You will receive these forms in November.

Holiday Inn Express 308 284-2266
Balcony House Bed and Breakfast
Best Western Stagecoach Inn 308 284-3656
Comfort Inn 308 284-4028
Days Inn  308 284-6365
Gray Goose Lodge  308 284-3623
Lazy K Kitchenettes 308 284-4085

There is a 3.00 a day park permit for each vehicle you drive into the park. A yearly pass can be purchased at the Park Office or online for 17.00 a year.

Please direct all questions to or 800 367-3910


Exhibitor Contract

Reproduced Below, please download MS word form HERE

NATCOA Truck Camper Show and Rally
July 12,13,14th 2007
Lake Ogallala Campground
Ogallala, Nebraska

                                    EXHIBIT SPACE CONTRACT

This show is to exhibit slide-in Truck Campers. They must be de-mountable units that come on and off a pick up truck. No Trailers, Chassis Mounts, Motorized units are allowed.
The spaces being rented are campsites. A maximum of six campers per site are allowed per brand. Campers must be on the site no later than July 11th 2007, and ready to show upon opening of show on July 12th at 9:00. Campers must be set by each individual company on their determined campsite, and removed no later than Sunday July 15th at 4:00 PM. 15 amp service will be at each campsite. One unit maximum air conditioner running.

Exhibiting Company __________________________________
Company Contact     __________________________________
E-mail address         __________________________________
Telephone                __________________________________
Brand Name             __________________________________

Number of units to show and costs:

1-2 units           2,200.00             Show hours: 9-5 each day
1-3 units           3,300.00
4-6 units           4,700.00 

Booths (Industry Suppliers) $1500 (contact if not sure)

Booths( Vendors) $800   (contact if not sure)       

We would like to show _____ number of units at the show.
Balance of _________ Due in full on or before October 31st  2007.

Checks remitted to:
6 N. Park Street
Wilmington, Ill. 60481

Please include a copy of proof of insurance listing Natcoa as additionally insured with your check, and return with this copy.

Accepted by:_________________

This is the only invoice you will receive. Please make a copy for your records


Breakfast Sponsorship Opportunities & more

Get your name out in front of buyers!

Sponsor a Breakfast for potential buyers.

Each morning of the show there will be a breakfast served. What better way to get your name out there, and give potential customers a full stomach to start their Truck Camper Shopping.

Cost is only 1500.00

Breakfast will be Scrambled eggs, Sausages, hash browns with Juice and or coffee.

Your company banners will be hung on the outside and inside of the eating tent area for the whole day, and also posted on the internet. Get extra exposure and make a great impression on potential customers.

You also will receive a sign in front of your display staked noting you as a Natcoa Show Sponsor

Contact Rex Willett to become one of the three available sponsors for Breakfast at the …

Show of Shows!! 

Other ideas are have your representatives there passing out your company hats or other items so they can remember your company and Camper.

Don’t miss this chance to make an impression!

We are also planning a rally for the days preceding the show. This is another opportunity to sponsor activities such as Golf tournaments, BBQ's, breakfasts, etc. If you are interested in doing this, contact Paul Beddows at


Camping Space Reservation Form/ Badge Request

Reprinted for convenience, please download MS Word form HERE

If you plan on camping in the Lake Ogallala Campground which is the show site campground, we need to know so a space can be reserved for you. Natcoa has reserved all campsites, so if you plan on camping, please return this form and appropriate fees to the below address before October 31st.


Company Name: ______________________________

Brand Showing:  ______________________________

_____ We require a campsite for the 10th thru the 14th of July @ 16.00 each night or a total of 80.00 (you have to pay for all 5 nites)

______ We do not require a campsite

______ Our company representatives will be staying in hotels/motels during the show

Badge Request. Badges will be given to you upon arrival to the show. Please list names of personnel working the show.

Name: __________________ Position: ­­­_______________

Name: __________________ Position: _______________

Name: __________________ Position: _______________

Name: __________________ Position: _______________


For camping fees make checks payable to:
6 N. Park Street
Wilmington, Ill. 60481        


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